News | March 20, 2019

ACARD Controllers Now Come Standard With CopyLock DVD Copy Protection Capability

All current ACARD controllers will have Vinpower’s proprietary CopyLock DVD Copy Protection functionality embedded as a standard feature.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) - Vinpower Digital announced today that all new ACARD controller production, beginning in March 2019, will include the ability to implement DVD copy protection, using Vinpower’s proprietary CopyLock application. The CopyLock technology allows users the ability to embed copy protection into their original master discs. The ACARD controller can enable the CopyLock embedded master disc to transfer that protection, so that every copy will be produced with copy protection to help prevent the unauthorized reproduction of proprietary video content.

CopyLock is a patented technology, developed by Vinpower, Inc., that allows a device to embed a DVD video master disc with the ability to protect against both reproduction and ripping of the protected content during the initial duplication process. The CopyLock technology can be utilized via a license dongle or directly through the duplicator without requiring a license if utilized with specific authorized Optodisc manufactured media.

“With the addition of the ACARD controller to Vinpower’s product line, it gives us a great advantage to target a wider global market for duplication controllers and towers. As an added bonus, we are also able to enhance those controllers with Vinpower’s core technology, like adding the CopyLock copy protection feature, and still maintain a very aggressive low price point,” declared Ryan Swerdloff, Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

The ACARD controller with the embedded CopyLock feature can be used with any recordable DVD media as well as any recordable optical disc drive (ODD) available on the market. The technology is programmed directly into the duplication controller, without limitations in order to implement the copy protection of video content.

About Vinpower Digital
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