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ADLINK Unveils Comprehensive Industrial Panel PC Solutions

Open Frame, All-in-One, IP69K Stainless, Hybrid PLC with Flexible Designs, Ideal for HMI

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  • Open frame panel PC (SP2 series) powered by Intel® or NXP® ARM-based processors with seamless integration and flexible I/O design fulfills fast development.
  • All-in-One panel PC (STC2 series), stand-alone and slim design with front IP65 robust industrial-grade construction, is easy to deploy, especially for space-constrained working areas.
  • IP69K Stainless panel PC (Titan2 series) allows easy maintenance by using high-pressure hot water and alcohol wipes for the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries, which require rigorous hygiene standards.
  • HMI integrated panel PC (PanKonix series) a full-featured HMI software all-in-one solution that enables smooth communication with commonly used PLC systems.
  • ADLINK's flexible customization: Seamlessly meet environmental requirements through our one-stop value-added service.

ADLINK Technology Inc., a global leader in edge computing, introduces the comprehensive lineup of industrial touch panel PCs with a multitude of choices in deployment types, screen sizes, and computing capabilities, tailored to cater to a wide spectrum of applications across industries. Designed for machine automation, smart retail, testing and measurement, and various IoT applications, these solutions are geared towards the next generation of edge visualization solutions.

SP2 Series (Open-Frame): Specifically crafted for embedded computing, the SP2 series boasts a ready-to-use design complemented by flexible function modules (FM) for seamless expansions. Its panel-focused modular design expedites overall development, verification, and validation processes, resulting in substantial time, cost, and resource savings. The series guarantees industrial robustness, featuring front-side IP65, ESD8K/15Kprotection, and comprehensive EMC and safety coverage. Offering a broad range of computing power levels, including Intel® and NXP® ARM-based solutions, it adeptly meets diverse application needs.

STC2 Series (All-in-One): Tailored for spaces with limited working area, the STC2 series presents a simple plug-in design enabling versatile data display and multitasking at the operational edge. From assembly line computers to self-service kiosks in retail, information desks in banking, and medical inspection instruments, this series supports wide voltage, temperature ranges, SSD, and extended memory while leveraging the resources of the SP2 series.

Titan2 Series (IP69K Stainless): Precision-engineered for specific vertical markets such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals, the Titan2 series stands as a testament to reliability. It offers exceptional protection against water and dust, essential for harsh environments. With a total true flat surface, corrosion-resistant stainless-steel enclosure, and M12 connectors, users can easily maintain cleanliness using high-pressure hot water and alcohol wipes.

PanKonix Series (HMI Panel PC): Recognized by industry leaders in Oil & Gas and water treatment sectors, the PanKonix series redefines plant management in the utility industry. Its seamless communication with commonly used PLC systems simplifies device data visualization for efficient machine monitoring and error notification. Featuring cloud connectivity via supported protocols like OPC UA, MQTT, and Restful API, it bridges the gap between operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT).

ADLINK also provides value-added services to meet diverse environmental requirements.

  1. Mechanical design: open/closed frame/flat designs, optional IP66/IP69K solutions, and mounting design.
  2. Optical enhancement: high brightness, backlight thermal design, optical bonding, and privacy/UV filters.
  3. Touch solution: all-touch experience, decal printing, vandal proofing, and anti-fingerprint coating.

ADLINK offers comprehensive industrial-grade touch monitors and smart panel PCs with one-stop value-added customization with our experts. ADLINK, as part of the Titanium Tier of the Intel® Partner Alliance and in collaboration with AUO® Display Plus, ensures reliable product delivery, substantial cost savings in total ownership, and swift time-to-market for customers.

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