News | May 11, 2005

AeroComm Add Ethernet Connectivity To New Plug-And-Play RF Transceivers

AeroComm Add Ethernet Connectivity To New Plug-And-Play RF Transceivers

Lenexa, KS -- Laird Connectivity today announced its new ConnexNet line of Ethernet-enabled transceivers (datasheet). The rugged plug-and play units merge AeroComm's RF protocol with the Digi Connect ME embedded device server to facilitate networking virtually around the world.

ConnexNet provides a complete hardware and software solution for adding wireless network connectivity to any serial-based application. The transceiver serves as a conduit between the user and multiple destination devices via a local network or Internet connection. ConnexNet integrates a fully developed TCP/IP network stack and OS using a variety of network protocols. Monitoring and controlling complete OEM networks is as easy as connecting to a local network or Internet portal from any location.

Unlike other industrial wireless Ethernet offerings, ConnexNet does not require a Com port redirector -- all of the software controls communicate directly to the Ethernet device, thus improving system latency. Additionally, while most products available today allow only Ethernet-to-serial connectivity, ConnexNet will support a wireless Ethernet bridge, allowing separate networks to communicate with one another.

"Today's wireless products need synergy with OEM communication interfaces," said Mike Varady, cofounder and CEO of AeroComm. "By uniting AeroComm's robust RF with world-class Digi Connect ME technology, we're able to deliver a superior wireless Ethernet solution. ConnexNet will quickly become a communication standard in the industrial community."

"Digi Connect ME was selected by AeroComm's development team for its comprehensive protocols, ease of integration and overall performance advantages over other Ethernet modules," said Larry Kraft, Digi International's VP of North America sales and marketing. "Our goal is to provide solutions that help innovators like AeroComm and their customers optimize the quickest time-to-market."

ConnexNet transceivers provide range at 900 MHz with up to 1 watt of scalable output power offered in either Server/Client or Peer-to-peer protocols.

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Source: AeroComm