News | October 12, 2005

AeroComm's New Software-Controllable Option Adds Distance To Wireless Communication

AeroComm Inc. introduces Long Range Mode to its family of 900MHz spread spectrum transceivers. Completely programmable by the OEM, Long Range Mode offers unmatched flexibility in wireless networks, adding as much as three times the range to RF communications.

By enabling a simple setting in the software, the OEM increases the receiver sensitivity of the transceiver by as much as 10 dB. In environments where extreme range is required or multiple obstructions are present, increasing the radio sensitivity will deliver unprecedented performance, up to 40 miles (with AeroComm's one-watt modules).

Long Range Mode will be a standard feature on 900MHz AC4490 and AC4790 OEM modules and ConnexLink wireless devices. The mode will be disabled as a standard product default setting, making the new transceivers completely backward-compatible with all existing AeroComm installations. By manipulating the software setting, OEM's enable Long Range Mode to improve distance performance in required applications.

"Reliable communication and flexibility are keys to AeroComm's continued success in the industrial wireless community," said Mike Varady, AeroComm CEO. "Long Range Mode simply puts more control in the hands of the OEM. Where longer distance is needed, the customer will achieve incredible performance with the new feature. If high interference is present, the OEM may want to leave the transceiver in its default condition so it doesn't pick up unwanted signals."

AeroComm's already flexible and robust field-proven transparent protocol (RF232™) is embedded into its 900MHz product family to support a host of communication architectures: point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, or peer-to-peer. The module's dynamic serial firmware manages difficult over-the-air issues, such as error detection, multipath concerns, link verification, and interference problems.

All AeroComm OEM products and packaged devices operate in the industrial temperature range of -40° C to +85° C and are completely FCC, IC and/or CE certified. The 900MHz family is suitable for a wide range of applications including vending, meter reading, gaming, signage, automotive, recreation, point of sale, fleet management, lighting control and security.

The new 900MHz products utilizing Long Range Mode is available from AeroComm now.

SOURCE: Laird Connectivity