News | January 24, 2022

AMETEK Crank Partners With Zepp Health To Create A Richer Graphical User Experience For The Amazfit Smartwatch Family

Top selling smartwatch upgrades graphical user interface (GUI) using AMETEK Crank’s Storyboard, improving battery life and hardware scalability for the world’s first curved display

Embedded GUI experts AMETEK Crank reaffirms its commitment as partners of Zepp Health to build and optimize the foundational graphics and UX stack for their new line of Amazfit GTS and GTR series of smartwatches, using the award-winning Storyboard framework.

“With household names dominating the smartwatch market, we were searching for a way to go beyond consumer expectations with the new Amazfit series,” said Meihui Fan, CTO of Zepp Health. “Using Storyboard allowed us to create a fashionable graphical interface while optimizing power and memory budgets, among other efficiencies. The result is a hyper-modern user experience and longer battery life, empowering consumers to live smarter in different scenarios.”

This partnership allows Zepp OS to deliver richer graphical user interface leveraging less power, preserving battery life, and creating a more cohesive user experience that can be reused across different hardware platforms. Zepp OS's GUI Framework leveraged AMETEK Crank's Storyboard embedded GUI Engine, including the world's first curved graphical display and highly optimized runtime for power-efficient microcontroller (MCU) platforms. According to Counterpoint Research's newest Q3 2021 report, Zepp OS has attained the 3rd spot among all smartwatch OS behind Apple's Watch OS and Google's Wear OS.

Storyboard-built GUI applications can be reused and ported to new hardware platforms with minimal effort. This saves application development time because manufacturers don't need to write, rewrite, understand complex graphics pipelines, hardware, and other challenges that come with microprocessor-based systems.

“Storyboard opens up the possibilities beyond the world of Apple and Android,” says Brian Edmond, DVP Business Manager, AMETEK Crank. “This is an effective way for wearables and smartwatch manufacturers to meet consumer demands at cost-effective price points. Storyboard eliminates the time and effort to build out their own GUI stack on MCU hardware. Amazfit is a perfect example of how optimizing your graphics and hardware together can put you ahead in the market very quickly.”

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Source: AMETEK Crank