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ARTERY AT32 Work Bench Accelerates Embedded Systems Development

Hsinchu /PRNewswire/ - With rapid development of Internet of Things, embedded systems have found themselves into a wide range of application scenarios, even having been part of our daily lives. As the need to boost efficiency and performance of embedded products is increasing, the question of how to cut development cost and cycle of 32-bitMCU-based applications is emerging as a common concern among developers.

In the face of fierce market competition, ARTERY is committed to delivering high-end and energy-efficient products and solutions though continuous research and development. Its product portfolio is based on 32-bit ARM-Cortex-M4 or M0+ core, which covers 15 product lines in six categories — low-power, value line, mainstream line, high-performance, wireless and automotive. The entire AT32 MCU family adopt a general-purpose approach to IO design so that the pin-to-pin is compatible among all products except AT32F405, while at the same time makes product upgrade easier and faster. And a complete set of development tools are on offer on its official website to further enhance user experience. Further, a user-friendly GUI tool is designed to accelerate the development of embedded software solutions and their time to market.

AT32 Work Bench serves as an embedded systems development platform to help generate initial code and enable users to develop and optimize program code in a more efficient way. Meanwhile, AT32 Work Bench supports multiple operating systems such as Windows® and Linux®, as well as Keil, IAR, AT32 IDE and other development tools.

AT32 Work Bench Features

  • Supports Windows and Linux, etc.
  • Supports software upgrade and MCU hardware download online
  • Supports Keil, IAR and AT32 IDE
  • Supports user code retention

AT32 Work Bench Interface

  • Peripheral initialization configuration
  • PIN MUX configuration and user-defined PIN parameters
  • Clock parameter configuration
  • Real-time view of code

Source: Artery Technology

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