BP-1200 Universal Device Programmer

Source: BP Microsystems

BP-1200 Universal Device Programmer
Field Upgradeable to 240 Pins
  • Field Upgradeable to 240 Pins
  • Supports Memories, Microcontrollers, and CPLDs
  • Ease of Use
  • Full Vector Test and Continuity Test
  • User Friendly Software
  • Free Software Updates Every Six Weeks
  • Three Year Warranty
  • Supports over 9,800 devices

The BP-1200 supports virtually every programmable device available today. The BP-1200 directly supports many devices not fully supported by competing programmers, including high-pin-count PLDs, FPGAs, 4 and 5 ns bipolar PALs, 3.5 ns CMOS PALs, microcontrollers (including Motorola), NS AIM PALs, and ECL PALs. To see what devices the BP-1200 supports be sure to obtain the current device list from BP Microsystems.
Socket modules are interchangeable to allow switching between device package types. A 48-pin DIP socket is standard; other types of sockets are optional. A universal PLCC socket supports all 20- to 84-pin PLCC devices using either particle interconnect technology or long metal spring contacts. Other socket modules include LCC, PGA, PLCC, PCMCIA, QFP, SOIC, SIMM, and TSOP.

For many people, the most valuable feature a programmer can have is its ability to support the newest devices. The BP-1200 has an innovative new design intended for tomorrow's fastest CMOS technology so it will give high programming yields and proper test results. The BP-1200 improves your competitiveness by letting you take advantage of new devices as soon as they become available, giving you access to faster, denser, and less expensive devices. The BP-1200 is the first programmer that is expandable to program and test devices with up to 240 pins. Only with a true high-pin-count programmer will you be able to preform a full contenuiy and functionality test in order to verify your design and identify defects such as ESD damage or bent leads before soldering the part into a board. The BP-1200's capacity can grow with your needs, unlike competing programmers with no upgrade path beyond 84 pins.
We work closely with major semiconductor manufacturers as they develop new devices to keep abreast of future programming trends. This helps us release software updates concurrently with the introduction of new devices. The software updates are available for free on our website.

Easy to use for both novices and experts, BP Microsystems' highly acclaimed control software is versatile, powerful, and intuitive. Some of its features include a simple two-level menu structure, F1 help at all times, and automatic file loading. Automatic package selection allows you to change the programming socket without having to power down or change the software configuration.
Sophisticated functions are also easy to perform on the BP-1200. Macros can be recorded to eliminate operator errors or to automate any sequence of commands, then played back interactively. Special chip functions, such as encryption, programmable chip enable polarity, etc. can be easily selected using the Device/Configure command.
The optional Advanced Feature Software takes the BP-1200 a step beyond competing programmers by providing special features for production, QC, and engineering. Included is the autohandler interface for high-volume programming. Also, users can put serial numbers or other information into EPROMs automatically. Verify and functional test Vcc voltages can be set or swept to find device margins.
The JobMaster control software is a production automation tool that allows a user to set up jobs for the BP software. A job is a record that contains all of the configuration options required to program a specific device. This record includes everything from "Buffer Options" to "Sectors to Secure". With its easy to use interface and full integration into the BP Controller Software, JobMasterTM is the easiest to use job software on the market.

The BP-1200's state-of-the-art performance is based on solid modular hardware and innovative techniques to provide the highest performance. The BP-1200 can support up to 240 pin devices by using up to 48 analog pin drivers that can generate accurate waveforms to program virtually any device, plus 192 inexpensive digital pin drivers. This unique architecture allows us to keep the price of the BP-1200 well below the competition. The BP-1200 can be configured with 32, 40, 48, 84, 144, or 240 pin drivers, depending on your needs. If you need to upgrade in the field, a screwdriver is all that is required to install additional pin drivers.
Programming small EPROMs and PALs in one or two seconds may sound like a luxury, but when your designs require large FPGAs and memories, you will appreciate erasing and programming an 8 Mb flash EPROM in under two minutes. To achieve this level of performance, the BP-1200 uses an 80826 CPU with a proprietary hardware accelerator.
The BP-1200 connects to any PC's standard parallel printer port so it is both portable and fast. Since the programmer is controlled directly by your PC, you can load files directly from your hard disk or network in seconds, eliminating the slow task of downloading your file to the programmer before you can program. Also, the programmer utilizes your PC's memory, so you will not have to buy expensive RAM upgrades for the programmer.
To help ensure reliable programming and the quick diagnosis of problems, the BP-1200 automatically performs many test and protection functions. When you place a part in the socket, every pin is tested for proper continuity. Any pin that is not connected is listed on the screen so you can identify bent pins easily. The BP-1200 protects any device in the socket from damage caused by a power failure. During operation, each pin driver is continuously monitored and calibrated by a special supervisory circuit. After programming, both verify and test passes are performed at high and low Vcc to guarantee an operating margin. The built-in self test will verify correct operation of the pin drivers, power supply, CPU, memory, and communications.

The BP-1200 was carefully designed to enable trouble-free test vector operation. Ground bounce, which limits many programmers' ability to test high-speed parts and achieve high programming yields, is carefully controlled on the BP-1200, improving both test results and programming yields. Short DUT trace lengths, excellent grounds at the socket, and fast rise and fall times (1.5 ns) allow programming and testing the fastest CMOS parts without trouble.
Testing asynchronous designs and synchronous designs with multiple clocks is made possible by switching multiple pins simultaneously. Unlike many competing programmers, the BP-1200 can apply two clocks or an entire test vector simultaneously, eliminating a common source of confusion and errors.

BP Microsystems, a major worldwide supplier of device programmers, provides support that is second to none. We provide free phone support and free software updates, and we continue to support every programmer we have ever made.
You can speak directly to a knowledgeable technician by calling our technical support line (toll free within the U.S., 8 am - 6 pm CST). Most problems are solved with a single phone call and perhaps a free software update. Outside the United States, BP Microsystems' local representatives also provide technical support.
Free software updates are available for the standard software through our website, allowing you to program most new devices without any further investment. The software is updated every six weeks for new device releases.
A support contract is also available. The contract provides a loaner unit, available to you overnight, and pays for repairs to your programmer. Software updates will also be mailed to you when they are released, including updates to the optional Advanced Feature Software.

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