Data Acquisition Card

Source: Analogic Corporation
Data Acquisition Card
Analogic DCP announces the introduction of the 16-bit data acquisition card available in the PC/104 market
Analogic Corporationcompany%> announces the 16-bit data acquisition card available in the PC/104 market. The 200 kHz AIM16-2/104 features 16 single-ended or 8 differential analog input channels, 16 lines of digital I/O, flexible triggering options, direct memory access (DMA), and interrupt operation, with a standard 4K x 16 FIFO. The 200 kHz PC/104 offers performance for such applications as medical imaging, spectroscopy, guidance systems, and automated test equipment.

The AIM16-2/104 provides 85 dB of spurious free dynamic range (SFDR) with user-selectable inputs of 10V, 5V, 2.5V, and 1.25V, and offers factory-installed bipolar and unipolar options. The board incorporates high frequency layout techniques, including short, guarded signal paths, and separate power and ground planes to ensure noise immunity. An on-board DC/DC converter, powered by a single +5V supply, provides noise isolation from the system switching power supply. Analogic Corporationcompany%>, 360 Audubon Rd., Wakefield, MA 01880. Phone: 800-446-8936; Fax: 617-245-1274.