News | August 18, 2022

Developer Product From Blues Wireless Accelerates Prototyping Low-Power IoT Device Clusters

Beverly, MA /PRNewswire/ - A fast-growing IoT startup specializing in embedded wireless solutions, Blues Wireless today announced the general availability of their new product, Sparrow. Sparrow is an efficient and economical solution to the last mile problem of internet-connecting a group of low-cost, low-power device sensors for shared data backhaul to the cloud. The developer kit provides a complete solution, with reference hardware, example firmware, and an easy-to-deploy web application.

Sensors are organized into clusters, and LoRa-based sensor data is routed through inexpensive Notecard-powered cellular gateways. The Notecard's unique developer experience was designed to simplify cellular, democratizing a capability formerly only available to sophisticated engineering firms. This simple developer experience enables unprecedented speed from concept-to-deployment.

Customers enjoying this rapid time-to-value have inquired as to whether Blues might also be able to deliver this development experience for all forms of wireless solutions, beyond just cellular. The Sparrow initiative does just that, extending this developer experience to a variety of new wireless scenarios. Beyond simplifying cellular, the full range of Notecard offerings now simplifies wireless across cellular, Wi-Fi and LPWAN technologies.

"When building wireless IoT solutions, developers sometimes run into scenarios that require lower-cost connectivity than they can achieve with a cellular or Wi-Fi module in every device," said Brandon Satrom, VP of Experience Engineering at Blues Wireless. "Sparrow provides low-cost LoRa-based sensors for these use cases and leverages the Notecard for cloud backhaul, to simplify and accelerate the process of building device cluster-based applications."

This is particularly evident in several fixed-location device cluster scenarios, such as occupancy sensing or facilities management solutions using smoke sensors. Sparrow offerings present an opportunity for dramatic per-sensor cost savings – with LoRa support as low as $1 per sensor.

The Sparrow developer kit is now available for purchase in the Blues Wireless online shop for prototype acceleration.

About Blues Wireless
Founded in 2019, Blues Wireless is accelerating the path to IoT by providing simple, secure, and affordable full-stack solutions for connecting devices to the cloud. Notecard, their flagship product, is a highly secure System-on-Module (SoM) with embedded global cellular connectivity. Pre-paid connectivity and consumption-based pricing enables businesses to break free from the complexity of per-month, per-device subscription management. Enterprise use cases range from asset tracking and condition monitoring to AI at the edge and remote control. Blues is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. Create a connected world with Blues Wireless. For more information, visit

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