Company Profile | March 19, 2001

Elmic Systems, Inc.

Source: Elmic Systems, Inc.
Welcome to Elmic Systems USA, a leading developer of RTOS, TCP/IP, and communications products for embedded systems, and the creators of Turbo Treck TCP/IP: the smallest, fastest, and most reliable TCP/IP stack in the industry.

Elmic Systems USA is a division of Elmic Systems, a publicly traded company with eighty-seven employees in Yokohama, Japan. Elmic Systems, Japan ( develops and markets TCP/IP and RTOS technologies, products, and services, including its best selling Kasago product line — Kasago TCP/IP, Kasago Web Browser, Kasago Web Server, and Kasago Mailer.

Elmic Systems launched Elmic Systems USA in the Fall of 2000. Then, as a next step towards becoming a major player in the US and European embedded systems market, the company acquired Cincinnati-based Treck, Inc.

Treck and Elmic Systems have a history of cooperation dating back to 1998 when the two companies co-developed the TCP/IP stack that became the fastest and most reliable in the industry. Treck marketed this stack as Treck TCP/IP in the U.S., while Elmic Systems markets it as Kasago TCP/IP in Japan.

Elmic Systems USA will be marketing the TCP/IP product as Turbo Treck TCP/IP in the US. Furthermore, Elmic Systems will aggressively expand into other markets in the embedded systems industry; roll out new products; provide turn-key solutions with Elmic Systems' extensive product family; and begin offering integration services.