News | October 9, 2002

Geotest Unveils New PXI-based Portable Field Test Set for Military Applications

Source: Geotest-Marvin Test Systems, Inc.
AUTOTESTCON 2002, Huntsville, AL – Geotest-Marvin Test Systems, Inc., a global supplier of electronic test equipment for aerospace, semiconductors, telecom, medical, industrial and military applications, unveils a new rugged and portable PXI-based Field Test Set, the MTS-206.

The MTS-206 is modeled after Geotest's field-proven AN/TSM-205, which has been successfully deployed worldwide and established itself as a rugged and reliable test set for all possible operational theaters. The AN/TSM-205 is PC based, while the MTS-206 is PXI based leveraging the high-performance of the state-of-the-art PXI architecture.

The MTS-206 includes a 14-slot PXI backplane supporting a PXI controller and 13 PXI instruments. Seven of the slots can accommodate 6U or 3U PXI or cPCI instruments and the other seven support 3U instruments only. The design of the MTS-206 allows sufficient space for custom electronics as well as system power supplies. Geotest also offers a wide range of PXI instruments for the MTS-206 such as measurement, stimuli, digital, switching, precision DC sources, programmable resistors, frame grabbers, and more.

The first application of the MTS-206 is a field test set for the Maverick Missile system including all versions of the AGM-65 missile, missile sections, all versions of the LAU-117 launcher, and missile-launcher clusters. The development of the MTS-206 Maverick Field Test Set is a joint effort of Geotest and Raytheon Missile Systems (Tucson, AZ).

Availability. Product shipment for the base model MTS-206 is scheduled for Q2 2003. Shipments of the Maverick Field Test Set are scheduled for Q4 2003.

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