ICC Family - Full-featured Industrial Control Computers

Source: Nematron
ICC Family - Full-featured Industrial Control Computers
The Industrial Control Computer, or ICC are rugged, fully integrated PCs featuring a back chassis that is quickly removable for installation and maintenance

Nematron's flagship hardware product is the Industrial Control Computer™ (ICC). These rugged, fully integrated PCs feature a patented back chassis that is quickly removable for easy installation and maintenance. The front panel has a high quality, full alphanumeric, programmable membrane keypad and a latching door for quick and easy access to drive bays and ports.

Designed to enable Microsoft Windows on the factory floor, Nematron's flat-panel Industrial Control Computers include everything you need to replace PLCs with a high-performance PC-based solution.

The ICC Family was designed for use in SCADA, HMI, and control applications with easy connectivity to I/O device networks and other intelligent factory devices. Models with the ISA/PCI bus format fit well into new and existing systems. They all have plenty of room for expansion, with a variety of ISA, PCI, and combined slots, depending on the model. And they're all packaged in Nematron's rugged, highly engineered industrial enclosures, so they tolerate high temperatures, shock, and electromagnetic interference.

ICC Family at a glance

The ICC Family is available in a variety of display sizes including 10.4" VGA, 12.1" SVGA, and 15" XGA. Resistive touchscreens are available on these models, and a screenless version is offered as well. Every model features an integral 68-key full alpha-numeric keypad, including 16 application keys (8 on each side of the display) that can be easily integrated with our HMI software. All keys, except the SHIFT key, are reprogrammable, and the 26 function keys are relegendable.

We offer processors ranging from 433 MHz Intel Celeron through 1.0 GHz Intel Pentium III, with higher speeds added as they become available. These models come with 64 MB DRAM standard and are expandable up to 512 MB. The front panel is rated NEMA 4/4X/12 and all models have UL, FCC, and CE certifications for safety and EMC compliance.

All Nematron industrial computers are compatible with most major device network protocols including Profibus, DeviceNet, Interbus-S, GE Genius, Seriplex, Honeywell SDS, A-B Remote I/O, and Modicon Remote I/O. Nematron computers can be purchased with SST DeviceNet and ICT Profibus network cards pre-installed.

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