News | April 27, 2022

Incredibuild Launches Support For Yocto Project® - Bolstering Solution For Linux

Acceleration solution enables developers to enjoy radically faster build times in Yocto and Automotive Grade Linux

Tel Aviv, Israel, /PRNewswire/ - Incredibuild, creator of the first hybrid acceleration platform for development processes, announced today support for The Yocto Project®, an opensource collaboration project that helps developers create custom Linux-based systems regardless of hardware architecture. Incredibuild's newly launched support for Yocto & Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) allows the embedded software development industry to build on-prem and in the cloud while significantly reducing build times and cutting cloud costs.

Incredibuild's launch comes at a critical time: In the midst of the global chip shortage expected to last at least through the end of 2022, Incredibuild's support for The Yocto Project® – primarily used by the semiconductor, consumer electronics, and automotive industries – reduces reliance on hardware and shortens time-to-market. Yocto builds can take up to 9 hours to complete. With Incredibuild's unique distribution and build cache technologies – capable of working with or instead of sstate cache – build times are significantly shorter:

  • 190 minutes to 90 minutes with AGL
  • 86 minutes to 49 minutes with Yocto

"We are excited to invite developers building with Yocto to join the software development acceleration revolution," said Regev Yativ, CRO of Incredibuild. "In such a dynamic time and with such a competitive, quality-centric market, the tools enterprises use to deliver their products to market must be as advanced as the products themselves. We are thrilled to be part of that process for Linux users as we continue to support enterprises with their mission critical builds and with meeting their strict go-live deadlines."

For enterprises, a shorter iteration cycle is critical in order to release products faster and with higher quality. Incredibuild's ability to run parallel tasks simultaneously means developers on Linux no longer need to wait for one task to complete before running the next – whether on-prem, hybrid, or on the cloud. In addition to support for The Yocto Project®, Incredibuild's platform offers acceleration solutions for development processes, C++ compilations, CI/CD builds, and more. Fast, automated delivery enables all stakeholders to complete workloads up to 4x faster without compromising quality.

About Incredibuild
Incredibuild created the industry's first hybrid acceleration platform for development processes – compilations, CI/CD builds, testing, and more. Its Virtualized Distributed Processing™ technology recruits idle CPUs to turn every host into a supercomputer with hundreds of cores. Incredibuild's powerful distributed processing and unique build caching solutions quicken dev cycles and increase iteration frequency – enhancing product quality, lowering time-to-market, and raising customer satisfaction while dramatically reducing computing costs on-prem and in the cloud.

Incredibuild boasts over a quarter million users from 2,500 global organizations, including Fortune 100 companies.

Based in Tel Aviv, Israel, Incredibuild was founded on the premise that there is time to build and time to release. Frequency of updates is not just time- and cost-saving; it is an enterprise's competitive advantage. Learn more at

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