Inova Releases 6U CompactPCI PIII CPU Board

Source: Inova Computers, Inc.
Inova Computers, Inc. introduces a powerful CompactPCI single-board computer in the accommodating 6U form factor. The ICP-PIII-6U features the powerful Pentium III high-performance multiprocessor combined with Intel's 21554 non-transparent PCI-PCI bridge.

Applications include:
· Embedded Systems
· Industrial Automation
· Military/Aerospace
· Medical
· Robotics
· Environmental Management
· Energy Management
· Traffic and Transportation
· Multiprocessing Environments

The ICP-PIII-6U is available with a variety of options to meet the needs of the user: it can be ordered with rear I/O, and it can be specified for use in extended temperature ranges from –40°C to +85°C. Equipped with 64 Mbyte to 128 MByte SDRAM and 2 Mbit FLASH for the Phoenix BIOS soldered in place for mechanical stability, the ICP-K6 can be expanded using memory piggyback modules providing up to 256 Mbytes SDRAM and up to 512 Mbytes FLASH. For maximum communication flexibility, multiple interfaces satisfying different industrial standards are implemented. LAN applications can utilize Inova's built-in Ethernet implementation, or if high-speed serial interfacing is required, a built-in FireWire port is available. The ICP-PIII-6U supports standard PC peripherals like floppy disk, hard disk and CD-ROM. The SBC is PC compatible and supports DOS, Windows NT/CE/2000, Linux, RTX, OS-9, VxWorks, QNX, Jbed and other real-time operating systems. This board also uses an S3 Virge graphics controller that has been optimized for handling graphic-intensive environments.

The ICP-PIII-6U is configurable to meet individual needs and requirements. Standard features on the ICP-PIII-6U include the Pentium III processor – in speeds from 700 MHz to 850 MHz, COM, LPT, EIDE, mouse and keyboard interfaces, configured for rear I/O, USB, FireWire, Fast 10/100 T/Tx Ethernet, XVGA, video, 6U form factor, 2.5" socket for mounting hard drive or Flask Disk, extended temperature range from –40° to +85°C, and multiprocessing environments. A PDF version of the full datasheet for this product is available for download at

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