Instrument Drivers

Source: Vektrex Electronic Systems, Inc.
Instrument Drivers
Vektrex has the proven process and infrastructure to make your driver development a success
Vektrex is Focused on Instrument Driver Development

While other companies view driver development as a sideline, we relish driver development challenges. Vektrex has the proven process and infrastructure to make your driver development a success, whether you are fielding a complex communications analyzer or a simple DMM.

Streamlined Process

Our entire process is optimized for minimum development time and maximum quality. The instrument driver is often the final hurdle to successful product launch and a rapid driver development is key to making that launch. Vektrex has produced drivers for many of the largest test equipment manufacturers and key end-users, helping these companies meet their schedules while offloading scarce internal software engineering resources.

Domain Expertise

Vektrex's driver development engineers have extensive domain expertise in a number of key areas like communication test and high-speed digital stimulus. We leverage this expertise into more robust, capable drivers for our clients. At the same time this knowledge offloads our client's critical internal engineering resources.

Standards Leadership

Finally, at Vektrex, we don't just follow standards; we help create them. Our work on the IVI foundation has helped establish acceptance of the IVI COM architecture. The IVI COM architecture is rapidly emerging as the first choice for high-end applications. Vektrex's standards knowledge and industry perspective means the drivers we develop are always up-to-date, maximizing your market impact.