Intel And I-Bus/Phoenix Collaborate To Launch Ultra-Dense CompactPCI Servers

Source: I-Bus/Phoenix
Intel, the world's largest chip maker, has revealed the industry's first dual processors for thin, low-power 'ultra-dense' blade servers. This dual power and performance capability is available now in the new IBC 2800 range of PICMG 2.16 compliant, 6U single-slot CompactPCI® blade servers from I-Bus/Phoenix (IBP).

Intel's new Low Voltage 800 MHz Pentium® III dual processors offer up to 63 percent better performance than single processor counterparts. They are the first Intel-based 'ultra-dense' dual processing chips to support faster PC 133 SDRAM memory and a 133 MHz system bus. In addition, they offer server-centric improvements with memory support for up to four gigabytes.

IBP's new dual processing IBC 2800 blade servers are ideal for applications that require extended life-cycle support such as networking, telecom, broadcast, wireless and industrial control. These environments often require small, thermally sensitive processors to provide sustained concurrency, higher throughput and data reliability.

Ultra-dense blade servers typically contain the highest number of processors based on the lowest size and thermal requirements. They are part of the blade server market of platforms that usually contain multiple motherboards stacked either vertically or horizontally. For high-density configurations, larger blade servers are optimised for maximum performance.

Tested thoroughly by Intel, these new platforms also feature error correcting code and remote manageability tools for high reliability. Ideal for OEMs, VARs and System Integrators, the IBC 2800 range is available from I-Bus/Phoenix facilities world-wide. Along with custom build solutions, the company also offers a range of Application Ready platforms with a wide choice of options. For more information, visit the new website at or e-mail at

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