Jungo Collaborates with Cypress Semiconductor to Provide Driver Development Solutions for the Cypress EZ-USB Chipset

Source: Jungo Ltd.
Jungo's WinDriver to Accelerate Cypress Customers' Driver Development

Sunnyvale, California, April 2nd, 2002 - Jungo Software Technologies Inc. today announced that Cypress Semiconductor Corporation (NYSE: CY) will provide its EZ-USB® customers with WinDriver™, Jungo's cross platform driver development toolkit, on Cypress's Lab CD-ROM. WinDriver provides Cypress customers automatic driver code generation for the EZ-USB device family and easy access to EZ-USB hardware.

Enabling the development of high-performance device drivers, WinDriver features a graphical development environment, intuitive application programming interfaces (APIs), hardware diagnostic utilities and device driver samples. WinDriver also includes libraries customized for Cypress's EZ-USB device family to further accelerate driver development.

WinDriver facilitates driver development for Universal Serial Bus (USB) 1.1 and 2.0 hardware under Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP. A device driver created with WinDriver can be ported between these operating systems without additional code modification. In addition to USB, WinDriver also supports PCI, CompactPCI, ISA, ISA PnP, and EISA based hardware.

Cypress offers the industry's broadest portfolio of USB microcontrollers. Including the WinDriver development toolkit provides USB developers with additional tools to support their designs and accelerate their development. Cypress's EZ-USB microcontrollers target full-speed applications, including printers, scanners, xDSL modems and digital cameras. EZ-USB products cover a wide range of packages, memory sizes, memory types and I/O configurations. The development kit for the EZ-USB family provides complete hardware and software solutions for accelerating the firmware and device driver development for the entire product suite.

"Cypress recognizes the demand for system-level solutions in today's markets," stated Jeff Chang, product marketing manager for Cypress Semiconductor's Personal Communications Division. "By offering WinDriver together with the EZ-USB RDK (reference design kit), we are providing our customers a world-class, cost-effective solution to jump start their driver development projects."

"Jungo's core strength lies in its ability to provide industry-leading, high performance development tools with millions of deployments by thousands of customers worldwide," said Ophir Herbst, general manager, Software Tools Division at Jungo. "By using WinDriver, Cypress customers will gain a competitive edge by shortening their time to market and reducing development costs."

About Cypress EZ-USB
Cypress's EZ-USB portfolio includes the USB 2.0 peripheral controller, EZ-USB FX2™ and the intelligent serial interface engine, EZ-USB SX2™. The FX2 device is the world's first USB 2.0 integrated peripheral controller, including an 8051 processor, serial interface engine (SIE), a USB transceiver, on-chip RAM and FIFO, and a general programmable interface. The SX2 device provides a 480-Mbps USB 2.0 connection to a peripheral with an integrated USB 2.0 transceiver, high-speed PLL, a 4 Kbyte FIFO, and a very simple local bus interface. For more information, please visit the website at www.cypress.com.

WinDriver 5.04, which includes enhanced support for the Cypress EZ USB device family is now available for download from Jungo's site (www.jungo.com).

Under the arrangement, the Cypress Lab CD-ROM, released at the end of Q1 2002, will include WinDriver-based driver samples specific to the EZ-USB device family.

About Jungo's Driver Development Toolkits
Jungo's driver development toolkits, WinDriver, KernelDriver and Hardware Debugger simplify the development of device drivers for USB / PCI / CompactPCI / ISA / ISAPnP and EISA custom hardware under Windows 95 / 98 / Me / NT / 2000 / XP, Windows CE, Linux, Solaris and VxWorks. The tools feature graphical development environments, APIs, diagnostic and debug utilities and samples - No kernel or DDK knowledge needed. Jungo also provides GO-HotSwap™ - a PICMG compliant, Full Hot Swap software infrastructure for Windows 95/98/NT/2000, Linux, Solaris and VxWorks 5.4.

About Jungo
Founded in 1998, Jungo Software Technologies Inc. is a privately held company with corporate offices in Sunnyvale CA and Taipei Taiwan, and an R&D center in Israel. Jungo's driver development product line, featuring WinDriver, enables developers to quickly create drivers for custom devices that can run on a multitude of operating systems without modification. Jungo's high-availability product line, including GO-HotSwap, provides a complete solution for the CompactPCI high-availability market. The company's new product line is based upon its technological expertise featuring OpenRG - a complete residential gateway software solution running on various CPUs and hardware platforms. Jungo is backed by strong venture funding including TeleSoft Partners, as well as strategic investors including Intel Communications Fund and Infineon Ventures.