Maxwell Technologies Announces New BOOSTCAP® Ultracapacitor 42-Volt Module

Source: Maxwell Technologies

New Module Created for Ease of Application in Automotive Sub-Systems and Hybrid Electric Transportation Systems

SAN DIEGO, CA -- Maxwell Technologies today announced the release of the BMOD0115, a BOOSTCAP® ultracapacitor 42-volt module. Designed for use in conjunction with a primary power source, this product is a plug-and-play energy storage and power delivery device for a variety of industries and applications. It is especially suited to the automotive industry – considered likely to migrate from 12- to 42-volt systems in the next few years.

The BMOD0115 module was created to enable engineers to implement the benefits of ultracapacitor technology into their application designs, without having to address development issues such as cell packaging, balancing, and cooling. Ultracapacitors offer such characteristics as reliable operation at very low temperatures and voltages, the ability to cycle many hundreds of thousands of times without significant performance degradation, an operating life of over ten years, and no need for maintenance.

"Ultracapacitors are ideal in virtually any application requiring a pulse of energy," said Bobby Maher, Director of Technical Sales for Maxwell Technologies' ultracapacitor product line. "Used in tandem with batteries, for example, the batteries provide the power needed for constant low-power discharge for continual function, and ultracapacitors provide the pulse power needed for peak loads."

Due to the ability of ultracapacitors to accept charges at a very high rate – generally the same as that of discharge – the BMOD0115 can be well utilized in such automotive applications as regenerative braking. Energy is collected and stored by the ultracapacitors during braking, and reused as they provide the power for acceleration. These modules are also suitable for automotive subsystems such as electric power steering, which require bursts of power that could not be effectively provided by a primary power source such as a battery.

The BMOD0115 is available in two configurations: Active (BMOD0115AV) or passive (BMOD0115PV) balancing. The active model is based on patented Maxwell designed circuit, which provides reliable operation with minimal excess leakage current, thus ensuring no over-voltage and a maximum amount energy stored with a high level of efficiency.

Capacitance of the BMOD0115 is 145 Farads (DCC, 25°C), and is rated at 42 volts, with a surge capacity of 50 volts. Dimensions of the module are 195 x 265 x 415 mm (W x H x L).

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