News | March 12, 2024

Memfault Unveils Device Vitals To Enhance Quality Management Of IoT Devices In The Field

Built-in dashboards empower embedded engineers to proactively identify performance issues related to crash frequency, battery lifespan, and connectivity status

Memfault, provider of the first embedded device observability platform, launched Device Vitals to provide plug-and-play visibility into the key indicators of IoT fleet health and product quality. The built-in dashboard makes monitoring firmware stability, battery life, and connectivity easy, providing engineering and product teams with invaluable insights into real-world product performance.

Organizations invest substantial time and capital in product development, yet often encounter a common challenge: once the product is deployed, visibility diminishes, and real-world usage uncovers issues that were impossible to anticipate during testing. This lack of insight poses substantial risks to performance, customer experience, and brand reputation.

Device Vitals offers engineers critical information at a glance, empowering them to pinpoint issues with precision and implement targeted fixes that deliver the most impact. Access to these insights, coupled with the capability to streamline the debugging process when an issue arises, empowers organizations to ensure that IoT devices fulfill their promises and operate reliably in the field. Additionally, the implementation of Device Vitals seamlessly integrates into an entire fleet through a simple software update - no custom engineering work needed.

"Product quality is an ongoing journey - it doesn't stop at launch," said François Baldassari, CEO at Memfault. "We are committed to developing a solution that empowers embedded engineers to make informed decisions based on relevant data, rather than relying on guesswork or one-off feedback. While software developers have long benefited from this level of insight, it's time that embedded engineers are equipped with tools that afford them equal control and responsiveness."

Memfault's SDK seamlessly integrates into most embedded devices - from bare metal MCUs to advanced Android and Linux devices - and during any stage of the product's life cycle. It works with any connectivity technology and won't drain battery life, consume constrained compute, or clog up connectivity bandwidth. All essential data is automatically collected and remotely delivered directly into the Memfault app, making it easy to perform root-cause analysis and remotely resolve any issue.

"Memfault's Device Vitals will be an invaluable tool for us here at Veo," said Alexander Jacobsen, Veo. "By tracking battery health across our fleet of cameras, we will be aware of potential battery drain issues and can address them quickly. Monitoring crash-free hours will help to identify regressions introduced during major code changes, allowing us to quickly remedy bugs before they severely affect our customers."

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Source: Memfault