Munsell® Color Lab Fast, easy outsourced color assurance services!

Source: X-Rite, Inc.
From physical color standards to full-scale, outsourced color assurance services, Munsell delivers point-to-point solutions for color assurance.
We're your remote color lab.

Speed color deveopment with precise, uniform color specification
More than just arbitrary disposable color chips, Munsell manufactures reference grade standards.
You get uncompromising consistency!

Gain design flexibility with over 10 million color possibilities!
Choose from over 4,000 stock colors or create your own custom palette.
Munsell delivers the most variety in an easy-to-follow visual system.

Match the widest variety of textures and special effects
Our custom color capabilities offer the added benefit of more closely matching a wider variety of materials.
So you'll get a more realistic color target than a printed color chip.

Ensure the color integrity of your brand image
From corporate to product brand, maintaining color integrity takes precision, accuracy and
an effective communications vehicle accross all media.
Munsell color standards guarantee that the color notation and visual assessment are identical.
So anywhere you specify a Munsell notation, you'll get accurate color.
We'll even customize a unique Munsell notation for your brand identity color.

Munsell Color Assurance Services
You don't need a color assurance laboratory to get color assurance.
Outsource to a team of experts at the Munsell Color Assurance Laboratory.
Our state-of-the-art laboratory includes the latest GretagMacbeth color control systems
and patented SpectraLight color viewing booths.

Here's what we can do for you:

  • Develop your master and working standards and distribute to your suppliers
  • Manage your database of supplier profiles and monitor their compliance status
  • Provide 3rd party color approvals
  • Train and accredit your suppliers

Let us manage your complete color program.
From standards development and compliance to supplier review,
we're your complete color clearinghouse!