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Source: ZyXEL Communications, Inc.
ZyXEL Communications recently announced the latest addition to their ZyWALL line of security appliances, the ZyWALL 1050
  • Single Box Device Features Robust Firewall and VPN Concentrator and High Availability; Addresses Key Issues for the Small-to-Medium Enterprise Market

ZyXEL Communications, a provider of secure broadband networking and Internet connectivity and routing products, recently announced the latest addition to their ZyWALL line of security appliances, the ZyWALL 1050. Further establishing ZyXEL's presence in the small-to-medium enterprise (SME) arena, the ZyWALL 1050 possesses robust security features, high-performance Virtual Private Network (VPN) options, enhanced access control with a comprehensive User-Aware policy engine and High Availability in a single unit, claims the company.

With the number of network threats reportedly on the rise, IT departments are finding it increasingly difficult to define the network perimeter and enforce internal network access security. While external forces continue to test the stability of corporate firewalls, IT departments remain on the hunt for an Internet security appliance that can be customized down to an individual user, can support a growing business and provide redundancy. ZyXEL's ZyWALL 1050 sets the bar for Internet security appliances by meeting these requirements and more.

A New Class of Internet Security Appliance

The ZyWALL 1050 allows businesses to establish VPN connections in multiple locations, offers 1,000 VPN tunnels and supports over 500 users. With the ability to support 15 WAN connections on each of its five 5 gigabit ports, the ZyWALL 1050 exceeds alternative solutions in its class.

In addition to the basic access control capabilities, the ZyWALL 1050 includes an intelligent user-aware policy engine, designed to empower IT departments to define network access permissions down to individual users. The ZyWALL 1050 features the ability to set permission levels including user ID, user group, time of access and network quota. IT administrators can also apply access policies to other security features such as VPN, content filtering and application patrol. Corporate security policies can be effectively enforced in conjunction with network partitioning to prevent unauthorized access to the network or network resources.

With an embedded signature-based IDP engine, the ZyWALL 1050 performs Layer 7 packet inspection for protocol anomaly or matched patterns. Therefore, the appliance can provide comprehensive intrusion detection and prevention capability to proactively detect and block potential worms, viruses, Trojans, VoIP threats, etc. The ZSRT (ZyXEL Security Response Team) releases up-to-date IDP signatures and patterns in response to ever-evolving vulnerabilities. New updates are automatically downloaded and installed through ZSDN (ZyXEL Security Distribution Network) to the appliance.

The ZyWALL 1050 supports multiple WAN ports with WAN connection backup and load balancing. In addition to WAN redundancy, the ZyWALL 1050 also supports VPN High Availability and device hardware High Availability, which guarantees non-stop operation for this mission-critical appliance.

The ZyWALL 1050 offers the following features:

  • Intrusion Detection Prevention: Comprehensive intrusion detection and prevention with Layer 7 packet inspection
  • User Aware Policy: Intelligently defines network access permissions down to individual users
  • High Availability: Guarantees nonstop operation or mission critical applications
  • Customizable Security Zones: IT administrators can set a VLAN or a virtual interface to different physical ports as needed
  • Bandwidth Management: Allows for traffic prioritization to guarantee or restrict the bandwidth usage per connection
  • VoIP Security: Offers the SIP/H.323 ALG feature to dynamically open only the ports needed for the duration of a VoIP call
  • Employee Internet Management: Content filtering feature allows organizations to create and enforce Internet access policies
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SOURCE: ZyXEL Communications