News | July 7, 1999

NewMonics Announces Embedded PERC 2.0

NewMonics, Inc. has announced Embedded PERC 2.0 software, its newest product for embedded systems developers. Comprised of a suite of development and integration software tools and a runtime environment, the PERC 2.0 product eases the application development process and allows products to run faster and more efficiently with less memory.

NewMonics' PERC products are a clean-room Java implementation that includes unique memory management capabilities for real-time embedded systems. With PERC software, which includes a virtual machine, compilers, tools and libraries, developers can create dependable, cost-effective embedded real-time applications. PERC's Virtual Machine supports accurate real-time garbage collection and deterministic real-time tasking.

"The PERC 2.0 product illustrates how efficiently embedded Java solutions function when optimized to the Intel architecture," said Joe Jensen, director of marketing for Intel's Embedded Microcomputer Division. "The real time capabilities in PERC 2.0 will support embedded systems developers more effectively in efficient product development for systems based on embedded Intel architecture for applied computing applications."

New Capabilities and Enhancements

Some of the new features being introduced in Embedded PERC 2.0 are:

  • Support for Intel's Celeron, Pentium, and Pentium II processors. Supported embedded platforms now include Intel's Celeron, Pentium, and Pentium II processors.
  • Embedded Toolkit 1.0 (The Embedded Toolkit 1.0 provides high-level PERC software interfaces to hardware devices and allows programmers to create low-level driver code for these devices.)
  • VTune Performance Analyzer support.
  • QuickPERC compiler (QuickPERC, an ahead-of-time and flash compiler, can increase an application's speed by a factor of twenty in comparison to the regular interpreted mode.)
  • Upgrade in the PERC libraries
  • Better Virtual Machine performance

Embedded PERC 2.0 software is available now for licensing.