Short-Range RF For Data Loggers

Wireless in the Data Acquisition Industry
With the skyrocketing cost of wiring and the growing demand for distributed and remote sensing, data acquisition, and control, the role of wireless communications only gets bigger. Sensor manufacturers are integrating RF systems in the same enclosure as their sensing devices. Data logger vendors are beginning to turn to wireless communications to enhance their products. And wireless networks are taking their place right next to traditional hardwired configurations. The industry is moving toward the implementation of networks of wireless sensors that can operate in demanding environments and provide clear advantages in cost, size, power, flexibility, and distributed intelligence.

The Benefits of RF
Wireless communication is a viable and cost-effective method of transmitting data over long distances, through electrically noisy environments, and from hostile locations. The reliability and flexibility of advanced wireless technology warrants serious consideration for many industrial applications. By becoming acquainted with the capabilities of this useful tool, OEMs can take advantage of the technology in the more challenging sensor environments and reap cost and performance benefits that rival those of hardwired systems.

  • Speeds installation and reduces cost.
  • Operates in RF-dense environments.
  • Tolerates extended temperatures (-40° to +80°C).
  • Small form factor fits inside space-constrained enclosures.
  • Less invasive than cable installation.

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