News | May 12, 1999

Synergy Unveils First Conduction Cooled, Dual-Processor PowerPC 750 VME Board

Synergy Microsystems, Inc. has introduced its conduction-cooled VGR5 VMEbus CPU board, the first conduction-cooled board to feature dual PowerPC 750 processors. Available CPU speeds range from 300 to 466 MHz, and the board can be configured to support two temperature ranges: 0° to 65° C or –40° to 70°C. Higher speed 750s and the new AltiVec G4 will be supported later this year. The board will make its first appearance at the COTScon ‘99 East show, May 11 and 12.

The VGR5 features Synergy's exclusive VME Speedway, a dedicated data path for non-block data transfers. Thanks to VME Speedway, the VGR5 provides up to double the data transfer performance of all competing PowerPC boards in many applications. The processors' backside L2 cache (1 MB per CPU) also improves performance significantly. In addition, the VGR5 comes ready to support a secondary PCI data bus through its Pø connector, providing a fast connection between system boards. The bus is 64-bits wide, supporting up to 264 MB/second data transfers.