Systems Integration

Source: Vektrex Electronic Systems, Inc.
The Systems Integration Group provides custom system integration services for the test and measurement industry
The Systems Integration Group provides custom system integration services for the test and measurement industry. We specialize in LabVIEW-based measurement and automation systems, and are proud to be Southern California's largest integrator of NI-based solutions. We provide system development services for a wide range of clients in electronics, semiconductors, manufacturing, biomedical, and defense.

Proven Processes Assure Success

Each system is developed using Vektrex's proven processes, assuring project success and quality. This process focuses first on use-case analysis and requirements definition. Once project requirements are understood and documented, your system is designed. Our design process is architecture-centric and iterative. Crucial design elements are investigated and prototyped prior to commencing software or hardware development. This up-front care improves client communication and reduces project risks by exposing issues at early project phases. Actual project implementation occurs in iterations, with incremental functionality delivered at each iteration. This incremental delivery exposes project stakeholders to the system at early project stages, assuring project acceptance. The final iteration culminates in a formal acceptance test to verify the system meets documented requirements.

Extensive Support Infrastructure Maintains System

Our commitment to your project doesn't end at the acceptance test, Vektrex has invested in an extensive support infrastructure to maintain the project post-acceptance:

All project documents and files are maintained in a version control system that is backed up nightly and archived off-site, assuring integrity of your data.

A computer installation/recovery notebook is created, documenting the step-by step instructions to rebuild your system, ensuring a speedy recovery of your system in the event of a disk crash or computer failure.

Defects and enhancements are tracked with the Vektrex web-based defect tracking system. This system collects and categorizes all defects found so that orderly software updates can be performed.

System hardware and software undergo periodic review to determine if obsolescence issues exists.

Ability to Combine Off-The-Shelf and Custom Hardware Optimizes Solutions

Vektrex's engineering team includes professional project managers, software, electrical, mechanical, and systems engineers. This wide range of experience and expertise enables Vektrex to develop systems utilizing both commercial off-the-shelf components and custom electronics. This capability means you get the optimum solution to your measurement or automation challenge.

Reusable Hardware / Software Library Speeds Development

Over the years, Vektrex has compiled an extensive library of hardware and software components that can be re-deployed for a variety of applications. This repository of software solutions and specific circuit designs can be accessed and re-used to rapidly build a custom system much faster than a new design from scratch would require. This allows Vektrex to provide its customers with optimal custom solutions that cost-effectively deliver the highest possible performance.