News | June 3, 2021

ZigiWave Launches Embedded Integration Hub As Part Of Its Portfolio

Sofia (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) - ZigiWave – the company behind the no-code integration platform ZigiOps, announced the release of an Embedded Integration Hub. ZigiOps is a powerful enterprise solution, which connects systems, data and people to accelerate companies’ productivity and efficiency.

“Connect. Automate. Simplify” represents the main goal of ZigiOps which is helping companies simplify their IT Operations by connecting systems to automate workflows. Businesses no longer need to create their own integration hubs, which turns out as a big investment for most of them, but rather adopt an out-of-the-box mature integration product.

The Embedded Integration Hub gives businesses the opportunity to adopt and rebrand the ZigiOps integration platform as their own product and offer it to existing and new customers.

ZigiWave’s Embedded Integration Hub powers up software products and services by introducing an additional layer with integration features. Companies can now make ZigiOps theirs by adding it to their portfolio and modifying its looks to boost customer satisfaction and be one step ahead of the competition.

ZigiWave will provide extensive onboarding, training and deliver all necessary marketing and sales materials for the Embedded Integration Hub. Companies which incorporate a rebranded version of ZigiOps into their portfolio will switch from simply selling products or services to creating experiences for their customers.

“The Embedded Integration Hub is of strategic importance to all software companies, which want to offer the entire digital transformation package to their customers. Selling single products or services is old-school, the new era requires providing experiences.”

Comments Idan Harel, Co-Founder and CEO of ZigiWave

ZigiWave already made two successful OEM deals with worldwide recognized software companies, which are now leveraging the full capabilities of the Embedded Integration Hub. Giving customers the ability to seamlessly align their ITSM, Monitoring, DevOps and CRM tools with your IT ecosystem has never been easier.

About ZigiOps
ZigiOps is a revolutionary no-code integration platform which connects systems, apps and data to automate workflows. Born from the need to help you automate processes and enhance cross-team collaboration, ZigiOps seamlessly runs in your environment, while extracting and transferring data between systems in real-time.

About ZigiWave
ZigiWave is an ISV, based in Sofia, Bulgaria. We’re a team of 20+ integration experts with years of IT and software development experience. Over 60 Fortune 500 companies trust us with their integrations.

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