Business Wire

  1. HCC Embedded Validates SafeFTL For Micron Automotive SPI NAND Flash

    HCC Embedded (HCC) announced recently that its fail-safe Flash Translation Layer (SafeFTL) has been tested and verified for the entire range of automotive-grade SPI NAND flash memory products from Micron Technology, Inc. Automotive designers integrating Micron SPI NAND flash into automotive systems can use HCC’s SafeFTL to ensure the reliable storage of data to the NAND flash

  2. Interface Masters Technologies Announces Major Design Win As Top-Tier Network Security OEM Standardizes On The Tahoe 8724 Network Appliance

    Interface Masters Technologies, an innovative networking leader, recently announces that a major network-security OEM, focused on the security sector, has standardized on Interface Masters’ Tahoe 8724 (Cavium 7890 64-Bit MIPS based) networking appliance

  3. exClone Launches Virtual Experts At Black & Veatch To Enhance Knowledge Utilization By Artificial Intelligence

    Recently, exClone Inc. announced the launch of its AI-based virtual experts at Black & Veatch as an enhancement to enterprise knowledge capture, utilization, communication, and search functionality

  4. Airgain Introduces Family Of High Performance 5G Antenna Solutions

    Airgain, Inc., a leading provider of advanced antenna technologies used to enable high performance wireless networking across a broad range of devices and markets, including consumer, enterprise, and automotive, recently announced the release of its new family of 5G antenna solutions designed to enable customers to easily add support for new 5G NR (Next Generation Radio) bands and deliver maximum performance with a range of form factors that fit their needs.

  5. Semtech’s BlueRiver Technology Embedded Into PureLink’s Rugged SDVoE-compatible Transmitter And Receiver

    Semtech Corporation, a leading supplier of high performance analog and mixed signal semiconductors and advanced algorithms, announced that Germany-based PureLink GmbH, a global manufacturer and distributor of Professional AV equipment, has combined Semtech’s BlueRiver Software Defined Video over Ethernet (SDVoE) technology with its new IPAV Pro Series products

  6. ATP Prevents DDR3 Supply Shortage With New Own-Built DDR3 8 Gbit Components And Modules

    ATP Electronics, the leading manufacturer of “Industrial Only” memory and storage solutions, has announced its commitment to provide its own high-density DDR3 8 Gbit components to ensure the steady supply of DDR3 memory, especially for customers in the networking and embedded industries that are yet unable to upgrade to latest-generation platforms immediately

  7. Wind River Ranked Global Leading Provider Of Embedded Operating Systems

    Wind River, a leader in delivering software to critical infrastructure, announced its achievement as the continued embedded real-time operating system (RTOS) and commercial Linux revenue leader according to VDC Research

  8. Kaloom Introduces Cloud Edge Fabric For Distributed Edge Data Centers

    MWC 2019 – Kaloom, an emerging leader in the automated data center networking software market, recently announced its Cloud Edge Fabric (CEF), the first fully automated data center network fabric with native support for network slicing along with embedded 5G user plane function (UPF)

  9. Unveils First Battery-Free, Solar AI Technology, Enabling A New Wave Of Edge AI Computing
    2/13/2019 (Xnor), the company that first proved it was possible to run state-of-the-art AI on resource constrained compute platforms, recently unveiled its newest innovation - a standalone battery-free, solar-powered AI technology that will enable AI to run in an always-on mode on a range of edge devices

  10. Secure Thingz Supports The Acceleration Of IoT Market Growth By Making Security Easier To Implement

    Secure Thingz, a global domain expert in device security, embedded systems, and lifecycle management, is addressing the security gap in the IoT market by making best-in-class security solutions easier to implement, starting with availability of its Embedded Trust and C-Trust software tools