Product Showcase

  1. ICC Family - Full-featured Industrial Control Computers
    The Industrial Control Computer, or ICC are rugged, fully integrated PCs featuring a back chassis that is quickly removable for installation and maintenance
  2. Paragon 5.5 - Powerful and Flexible HMI/SCADA
    Paragon TNT process management software serves a wide range of industrial process monitoring and control applications, from operator HMIs (Human-Machine Interfaces) to complex plant-wide SCADA (Scan, Control, Data Acquisition) and information management systems.
  3. HyperKernel 5.5 - Real-time Extensions for Windows
    Nematron’s HyperKernel is the first real-time subsystem that allows Windows NT/2000 to be used as a real-time operating system.
  4. OpenControl 5.5 - Flowchart-based Logic Control
    OpenControl improves productivity and reduces costs. This proven 32-bit Microsoft Windows application replaces proprietary PLCs and enables enterprise access to the plant floor. OpenControl's flexibility and high-performance reduce machinery and equipment life-cycle costs, and optimize production performance.
  5. Delta Series - Compact Touch-only Industrial PCs
    The Delta Series is Nematron’s new line of compact touch-only industrial PCs and flat panel monitors. These units are available in PCI, PC/104, and monitor-only configurations, and each can be configured with your choice of a 10.4", 12.1" or 15.0" integral display.
  6. Application Engineering by A-OK Controls
    A-OK Controls, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nematron, specializes in contract services from entire control system design and program management to individual application program development. This group of highly experienced personnel is also available to our sales channel to provide in-depth technical support on pre-sales opportunities.
  7. BBSRAM Card - PCI-based Retentive Memory
    #$?$Battery-backed Static RAM (BBSRAM) PCI expansion card protects your state variables from loss over a power cycle. Retentive memory is ideal for applications ranging from manufacturing and process control through scientific testing and measurement.
  8. m-Series Screenless Computer
    Nematron’s m-Series is a small (approximately 6" x 8" x 10"), competitively priced screenless industrial computer that is ideal for both general purpose and embedded applications.
  9. Desk Clock
    Every tech worker should have a recycled PC board clock on his or her desk
  10. Pocket Watch/Key Ring
    You'll always have a good time with this handy key ring