Product Showcase

  1. J-SCAN Version 2.1
    Macraigor Systems LLC, a supplier of Joint Test Action Group (JTAG) and background debug mode (BDM) connection solutions for on-chip debugging, recently announced the availability of J-SCAN Version 2.1, the newest release of of what they claim their high-speed, low-cost boundary-scan debug and programming tool
  2. Bolt-In Feedthrus

    These resin sealed bolt-in feedthrus from Corry Micronics are manufactured for installation into a threaded or thru-hole application.  Bolt-in filters are installed in amplifiers and RF switches to filter interference coming into and out of the device. Bolt-in filters are a very low cost yet effective filtering solution. Bolt-in feedthrus are available in “C”, “L” and “Pi” circuit configurations. These bolt-in feedthrus are available with capacitance values ranging from 0-5 pF to over 30,000 pF with working voltages exceeding 1,000 VDC.  Bolt sizes range from 2-56 to ¼-28 and metric bolt sizes are available upon request. The bolt-in feedthru and lead can be silver, gold or tin plated.

  3. ZigBee Transceiver Module
    AeroComm’s new ZB2430 zigbee transceiver module, based on Texas Instruments’ leading edge 802.15.4 SoC & Z-Stack technology, is one of the most powerful ZigBee compliant solutions on the market today. The ZB2430 provides OEMs with industry-leading 2.4 GHz module performance in low power consumption, integration, long range, features and functionality...
  4. Star Micronics MP500 Series Dot Matrix Printer Mechanism
    One of the fastest, most cost-effective and reliable dot matrix print mechanisms available, the MP500 series combines the latest technology in logic seeking printing mechanisms with its ultra-efficient compact design to achieve the extremely fast print speed of more than four lines per second.
  5. Star Micronics MP382 Dot Matrix Printer Mechanism
    The MP382 series of mechanisms provides OEMs and system integrators with the flexibility of designing their own printing systems.
  6. Star Micronics 3-Inch Thermal Kiosk Printer with Captive Paper Roll Holder
    The NP-325 is a compact thermal kiosk printer featuring a unique captive paper roll holder in addition to a full and partial cut auto cutter. Requiring only power and data connections, the NP-325 brings both ease of integration and features that are pertinent to numerous applications.
  7. 868 MHz Transceiver
    Designed to provide OEMs with license-free communications over long distances, AC4868 transceiver becomes the essential, affordable alternative to products operating in the saturated 433MHz band. It is the only fully certified 868MHz transceiver to deliver 250mW of output power, ideal for highly industrial European applications where reliable data deployment is crucial...
  8. 900 MHz Transceiver
    High-performance AC4790 transceivers utilize AeroComm's "masterless" protocol, allowing each transceiver to communicate with any other in-range transceiver for true peer-to-peer operation
  9. 2.4 GHz Transceiver
    AC4424 is a 2.4GHz FHSS digital transceiver that represents a breakthrough in industrial RF communication. Comprised of a complete, agency-certified radio and sophisticated RF232® protocol, AC4424 simplifies the OEM's design effort and assures successful field operation...
  10. 900MHz Transceiver
    Compact AC4490 900MHz transceivers can replace miles of cable in harsh industrial environments. Using field-proven FHSS technology which needs no additional FCC licensing in the Americas, OEMs can easily make existing systems wireless with little or no RF expertise...