Product Showcase

  1. Patch Antennas

    Corry Micronics Patch Antennas are easily mounted and feature high quality factor dielectric constants...

  2. ConnexLinkTM
    ConnexLink is the most flexible, affordable RF serial data device available for both consumers and OEMs. The system can be set up in minutes to enable local-area communication in industrial, commercial and office applications...
  3. 900 MHz 1x1 Transceiver
    Tiny 1x1-inch 900MHz modules will put the power of wireless into the smallest, most cost-sensitive applications. Despite their amazing size, 1x1s can replace a mile of cable even in harsh industrial conditions...
  4. 868 MHzTransceiver
    Compact 868MHz transceivers can replace miles of cable in harsh environments. Using field-proven FHSS technology which needs no additional ETSI (Europe) licensing, OEMs with little or no previous RF experience can easily and quickly make existing systems wireless...
  5. System Design Tools
    AeroComm provides a complete development environment to help you integrate and test RF communication in a matter of minutes...
  6. Support & Services
    For over 14 years, AeroComm's primary focus has been enabling OEMs of varying wireless experience to buy, rather than make, complete RF modules. We leverage this expertise to offer a distinct competitive advantage in high-frequency short-range network design, antenna selection, custom integrated circuits, protocols and test engineering...
  7. Wireless & High Frequency Bandpass Filters

    The wireless and high frequency filter group is made up of four types of filters. They are Cavity, RF, Monoblock, and LC types.

  8. IFS Applications

    IFS Applications offers powerful solutions that quickly provide real-world results to today's critical business issues.


  9. Spanner-Head Filters

    Spanner bushing filters solve those tight center-to-center hole spacing requirements. The spanner bushings are designed without the hex used on the standard bolt-in series. The spanner feedthrus are easily installed using the CMI spanner tool. Spanner bushings can be installed with center-to-center spacing down to .110” or 2.8mm when using the 2*56 threaded size. Spanners are available with capacitance up to 10,000 pF and sizes from 2*56 to 8*32.

  10. Solder-In Filters

    Many designers have opted to semi-integrate feedthrus by soldering feedthrus directly into the housings. The solder-in feedthrus are available in a glass forward or reverse seal.