Product Showcase

    VIVID LabVIEW quickly generates LabVIEW Virtual Instruments (VIs) for your instrumentspecific IVI-COM driver methods and properties.
  2. Munsell® Color Lab Fast, easy outsourced color assurance services!
    From physical color standards to full-scale, outsourced color assurance services, Munsell delivers point-to-point solutions for color assurance.
    We're your remote color lab.
  3. Micro-Platform for Home Gateways
    The industry’s first OSGi-compatible home gateway server micro-platform has been introduced, a small-outline board designed as a plug-in for developing home gateways, hand-held Internet devices, set-top boxes, and other consumer electronics devices
  4. Instrument Drivers
    Vektrex has the proven process and infrastructure to make your driver development a success
  5. LED Backlight
    A form of backlighting for small to medium size LCDs
  6. High Speed Electronics
    At Presco, the term "high speed" refers to digital and analog circuits that typically operate at frequencies below 1 GHz. For the most part, these circuits rely on conventional PC board materials and components.
  7. LCD Display
    As pioneers in the field of LCD manufacturing Excel Technology is positioned to provide a very broad selection of products unmatched my most of its competitors.
  8. PCI Bus Design & Windows Drivers
    Whatever circuit function your PCI card requires, it is likely to be implemented using a Field Programmable Gate Array such as the Xilinx Virtex LCA.
  9. Data Compression & Image Processing
    Image processing is fundamental to a wide range of industries including optical character recognition (OCR), medical diagnostic instruments, automatic optical inspection (AOI), ink jet printing, laser plotters, photo plate setting, and so forth.
  10. Open Frame TFT
    Excel Technology Provides a wide selection of Open-Frame TFT-LCD