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  1. Moortec Provides Embedded Monitoring Solutions For Arm's Neoverse N1 System Development Platform On TSMC 7nm Process Technology

    Moortec today announced the delivery of its In-Chip Monitoring solution on TSMC 7nm FinFET process to the new Arm® Neoverse™ N1 System Development Platform (SDP)

  2. Sensory Brings Natural Language Understanding To The Edge With TrulyNatural

    Sensory Inc., a Silicon Valley company dedicated to pioneering new capabilities for machine learning and embedded AI, today announced the first full feature release of TrulyNatural, the company's embedded large vocabulary speech recognition platform, with natural language understanding

  3. Avalue Technology Launches Avalue E Ink Series Healthcare Solutions

    Avalue Technology Inc.( (TAIEX: 3479-TW), a global embedded solution provider, associate member of Intel® Internet of Things Solutions Alliance, has recently launched the Avalue E Ink series healthcare solutions

  4. Mercury Systems Announces Acquisitions Of The Athena Group And Syntonic Microwave

    Mercury Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: MRCY, today announced the acquisitions of The Athena Group, Inc. (Athena) and Syntonic Microwave LLC (Syntonic).

  5. The K Street Group Introduces Its SecureMe™, Positive Identification And Headcount Authentication System During The SYTA Annual Conference In Birmingham, AL

    Ensuring the safety and security of tour guests is a critical consideration for tour operators, tour directors and other tourism industry professionals

  6. RunSafe Security Introduces Cyber Sapiens™, An Exploit Identification And Information Sharing Program For Penetration Testers

    RunSafe Security, the pioneer of a patented cyberhardening process for vulnerable embedded systems and devices, today announced the formation of a new exploit identification and information sharing program for penetration testers to reduce cyber exposure across enterprise and government agencies

  7. HCC Embedded Validates SafeFTL For Micron Automotive SPI NAND Flash

    HCC Embedded (HCC) announced recently that its fail-safe Flash Translation Layer (SafeFTL) has been tested and verified for the entire range of automotive-grade SPI NAND flash memory products from Micron Technology, Inc. Automotive designers integrating Micron SPI NAND flash into automotive systems can use HCC’s SafeFTL to ensure the reliable storage of data to the NAND flash

  8. GrammaTech Releasing Binary Analysis and Rewriting Interface InTo Open Source

    GrammaTech, Inc., a leading developer of commercial embedded software assurance tools and advanced cybersecurity solutions, announced today it is making the GrammaTech Intermediate Representation for Binaries (GTIRB), a data structure representing binaries for analysis and rewriting, available as free and open source software

  9. Interface Masters Technologies Announces Major Design Win As Top-Tier Network Security OEM Standardizes On The Tahoe 8724 Network Appliance

    Interface Masters Technologies, an innovative networking leader, recently announces that a major network-security OEM, focused on the security sector, has standardized on Interface Masters’ Tahoe 8724 (Cavium 7890 64-Bit MIPS based) networking appliance

  10. Xen Project Hypervisor 4.12 Offers Smaller Code Size And Improved Security

    The Xen Project, an open source hypervisor hosted at the Linux Foundation, today announced the release of Xen Project Hypervisor 4.12. This latest release adds impressive feature improvements around security and code size, x86 architectural renewal and additional updates making the technology ideal for embedded and automotive industries